Stake with GAIA,

 help the planet

When you stake with GAIA you help the planet and bring value to Cardano.

We donate 1/3 of our profit to charities that heal planet Earth, and we reinvest at least 1/3 of our profit back into pledge.
To date we have donated $3500 USD, and have re-invested 16,000 ADA back into pledge.
It feels GOOD to stake with GAIA!

As a special thank you to our delegators, we are running
our first Cardano ADA NFT Art Giveaway! Please check out the Giveaways page for full details. 

Low pool fee, value for all

GAIA Stake Pool operates on a low pool fee (margin) of 3%.  This means a bit more ADA rewards will go back to you! On top of that, 1/3 of our profit is donated to charities that help the planet. This means more trees will get planted and oceans will get more protection, while bringing value and awareness to the Cardano network at the same time. Finally, GAIA Stake Pool operates on the Google Cloud Network, which matches 100% of its energy consumption with renewable energy!

  • More rewards


  • More trees planted
  • More protection for oceans
  • 100% Green energy servers


32,000+ ADA pledge


By increasing our pledge to 32,000 ADA, GAIA Stake Pool has made a commitment to maintaining the Cardano network. As GAIA Stake Pool grows, we will continue to reinvest in the Cardano network by allocating at least 1/3 of our our profit in ADA towards increasing the pool pledge. This will also help protect the Cardano network from Sybil attacks.

  • Maintaining the Cardano network
  • Reinvesting in Cardano
  • Protecting Cardano

99% uptime, reliable and secure

GAIA Stake Pool's nodes are operated on the Google Cloud Platform with enterprise-class hardware and SSD storage, ensuring extreme performance.  With automatic backups and a backup node in place, a premium network service tier, and encryption of data in transit and at rest, GAIA Stake Pool has a 99% uptime and 24/7/365 security.

  • High speed hardware and internet
  • Automatic backups
  • Secured network



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Charities and Groups we Support:

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$ Donated: 1560 USD


$ Donated: 1560 USD


A collective of mission-based Cardano stake pool operators that give back.


Bonus Donations

We've had requests from delegators to support other charitable organizations, and some groups have reached out to us as well for support. Since this is a great opportunity to help even more, we decided to make bonus donations every month to different charitable organizations that are helping to make a difference in our world.


Bonus donation amounts will vary to round up our overall total donations to some nice whole numbers. If you know of a great charitable group that is helping to restore the Earth, or happen to be a part of such a group, please reach out to us!

$ Donated: 100 USD

$ Donated: 100 CAD

$ Donated: 200 USD

$ Donated: 80 USD

For more information, please contact us: