About GAIA

In mythology, Gaia is the Greek goddess who personifies the Earth.
In science, the Gaia theory proposes the idea that all living and non-living things on Earth work together to maintain life on the planet. 

We at GAIA Stake Pool believe that the values, technology, and decentralization Cardano uses will play a key role in returning balance to the world. The reliable and trustless systems on the Cardano network aim to give every person control over their own finances, personal information, and voting power. With Cardano, we can change the world.

Join us in making a better future - one where humanity and planet Earth thrive together!

Brian Lee (Operator & Founder)

Hello, my name is Brian Lee and I'm the operator of GAIA Stake Pool. I’m an artist and designer, and have been working in the entertainment industry professionally for about 7 years. I have been working with computers (repairs, networking, website creation and maintenance) for about 15 years. 

I've been a part of Cardano and the crypto space since 2017, and the Cardano project really stood out to me as something special. Cardano became one of the first cryptocurrencies I invested in. 

I took some programming in university (C++ and Java), and when I found out more about Cardano staking, I learned to use Linux so I could set up GAIA Stake Pool. 

Some basic info about me:


Artist, Designer, Computer Network Technician, Dog and Cat Dad, Hiker and Nature Lover, Karate Practitioner, Tabletop Gamer and Video Gamer, Star Trek Fan, Crypto Enthusiast.


Lisa Lee (Founder)


Hello, I'm Lisa Lee and I'm one of the founders of GAIA Stake Pool. I'm a barista by day, and a photographer by night. I also have a podcast called "Rocky Mountain Cryptids", which you can find on all your favorite podcasting platforms!


I provide most of the photographs used by GAIA Stake Pool, provide social media consultation, and support the stake pool financially. 


I also make sure that Brian gets out of the house and away from his computer. The digital world is exciting, but nothing beats adventures in nature. An added bonus is that we get to share those adventures with you through our photographs! 


Some basic info about me:

Coffee Master, Photographer, Podcaster, Social Media Specialist, Dog and Cat Mom, Musician, Tabletop Gamer and Video Gamer, Fishkeeper, Gardener, Explorer, Hiker and Nature Lover.

Technical Details

GAIA Stake Pool operates with multiple nodes running on clusters across different datacenters. Clusters are high availability and high performance, with dedicated resources assigned as necessary. GAIA Stake Pool has a 99.99% uptime and 24/7/365 security, with encryption of data in transit and at rest.


Performance is constantly monitored, and all hardware can be flexibly adjusted. This ensures resources are being used efficiently, and that GAIA Stake Pool can be easily upgraded as necessary to meet any demands in the future.

Location Details

GAIA Stake Pool has 1 core node, 1 public relay, and 3 private relays in clusters geodispersed across different datacenters. This is done to:

- Run our nodes in a more sustainable manner.

- Run our nodes in a secure, efficient, and highly effective manner.

- Spread out GAIA Stake Pool geographically for more decentralization.

Sustainability Details

GAIA Stake Pool operates on green servers powered completely from hydropower and wind, making our server impact net zero, and carbon negative when combined with our pool's environmental efforts.

Membership Details

GAIA Stake Pool is a founding member of the Mission Driven Pools group [MDP] .

Mission Driven Pools is a collective of mission-based Cardano stake pool operators who donate a portion of their profits to charity. MDP currently operates with these goals in mind:


- Cross marketing

- Help spread the Cardano mission

- Help organizations across the world

- Encouraging other operators to give back

GAIA Stake Pool operates and maintains the Mission Driven Pools website:


Cost Details

April Totals: Total income: 3,143.38 ADA - Total expenses: 17,851.5476 ADA =
- 14,708.1676 ADA (no profit)

Donations made of 297.94 USD (629 ADA) to Tetikasa Ala & Climate Neutral Cardano Madagascar project anyways. 

ADA price at time of calculations: 1 ADA = 0.60997 CAD

GAIA Stake Pool Total costs: $4,651.60 CAD (7,625.9488 ADA) / month
+ 10,114.2188 ADA additional expenses = 17,740.1676 ADA

+  20,000 ADA Pledge

- Google Cloud block producing node and 2 relays (partial month): $456.03 CAD / month

- Block producing node and 4 relays (switched service): $501.42 CAD CAD / month

- Website hosting: $13.42 CAD / month

- Domain name registration: $1.31 CAD / month

- Small business loan: 420.42 / month

- Hours worked: 130.36 hours month @ $25.00 CAD / hour =  $3,259.00 CAD / month

- 10,114.2188 ADA negative balance from expenses (to date)

- Pledge: 20,000 ADA

Mission Driven Pools [MDP] Total costs: $67.94 CAD (111.38 ADA) / month

- Website hosting & plugins/software: $66.30 CAD / month

- Domain name registration: $1.64 CAD /month


Questions? Get in touch: